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Mrs. Daniel K. - Individual Income Tax - Antioch CA: I am fairly new to Antioch and was in search for a CPA. I originally used yelp to locate Will Gamarra. I called Will because not only did i need my yearly taxes done, I received a nasty gram from the IRS. I was really stressed over this letter because I have never owed the IRS a dime. Will was quick and efficient with getting me an appointment. I brought Will all my documents. After reviewing my documents he assured me this was an easy fix. Needless to say my $50,000 debt to the IRS is now just over $3,000. Will's expertise really saved my family. He explained everything to me and fixed the CPA's errors that caused my IRS debt. I truly feel at ease knowing there is a honest hard working CPA on my side!

Mr. Andrew S. - Individual Income Tax - Arlington, CA: I'd like to thank Will for the outstanding part he played for me!! To give some background, my father passed away and we found out the IRS was coming after the estate for over $500,000 in unpaid back taxes. It turns out, he hadn't filed any taxes for the last 12 years of his life. At 25 years old and no idea what I was doing, I was put in contact with Will via a family friend and enlisted his service. After going through all of my late father's records and collecting all of the information needed, Will was able to file all of the tax returns from 2003-2014. After 1.5 years of work on his part (and the IRS "losing" multiple years of the returns we filed that had to be resubmitted) I finally got the call from Will saying that the IRS agreed with our returns and we had zero tax liability whatsoever!! Talk about a weight being lifted off of my shoulders! None of it would have been possible without the diligence Will showed and help he gave me along the way. I would HIGHLY recommend Will to anyone looking for quality tax work!!!!

Mr. Xavier T. - Individual Income Tax - Antioch CA: I called Will Gamarra for a free 15-minute consultation about (what I thought were) a few simple questions.

Here's a guy who not only knows his stuff, but knows how to explain information in a way that is clear and easy to digest. He answered all of my questions completely and thoroughly, used real-world examples that related to my situation, and gave great advice. I double-checked his information against other sources. All solid.

In fifteen short minutes he convinced me--without actually saying it--that if I need any further services, he's got all of the expertise I will need. That's hard to do.

(BONUS: He didn't make me feel silly or incompetent, or like I was being taken advantage of for not knowing much about finance, which is one of my biggest pet peeves!)

Ms. Rosa - Individual Income Tax - Concord, CA: I went to Will in major need of tax help. I hadn't filed taxes in 10+ years & he was able to help me get things back on track. He got my taxes fixed & I even got a little bit of money back from them. It took a lot of paperwork but the IRS & I are square now & I don't have to worry about them hunting me down. He was also a big help when I started my own business, which is way more paperwork than I anticipated. 

Ms. Como - Individual Income Tax - Antioch, CA: I have used Gamarra CPA Tax Services for two years now. Will is very knowledgeable on filing taxes for two states (I filed for California and Maryland). He is also vey thorough and takes the time to make sure I understand what I am filing and if I have any questions he explains with great detail. Will has also helped me plan for the coming tax season, to make sure I pay the appropriate taxes for the year, which is a huge help! I highly recommend his services.

Ms. Linday - Individual Income Tax - Washington, DC: I have used Gamarra CPA for my and my mothers tax returns since 2008. Will and his staff are experts in the accounting profession and totally reliable, responsive, efficient and friendly. He has handled my tax returns quickly and accurately. That makes the yearly tax ordeal as enjoyable as possible. I think their costs are great have no hesitation in recommending him even though he is in the other side of the country. With the proper CPA everything is easier.

Elwyn W. - Individual Income Tax - Pittsburg, CA: When I started doing business with Will Gamarra CPA-Tax Services.I found Will to being very down to earth.but also very knowledgeable in all aspects of Tax preparation. Will was a big help doing my Tax Returns over the years which included income from rental property in Canada.Will is well versed in doing international Taxes.If you need any kind of help dealing with money or want to know ways in how to make your money work for you. Will Gamarra is your go to Guy for help..When you do business with Will, you will end up being friends.Will is a man of great Integrity.

Shanna S. – Individual Income Tax - Antioch, CA: Received a flyer in mail, my husband and I desperately needed our back taxes done, we gave Will a call and I'm so glad that we did, he is very patient and knowledgeable about taxes.   He has helped my husband and I get back on track.

Sarah K. – Individual Income Tax - Antioch, CA: My husband and I went to see Will for the first time to do our taxes for this tax season. We have had some tax issues in the past, so we decided that going to see a CPA would maybe be in our best interest. He seemed very knowledgeable and was very friendly. The only thing that I am taking a star away for is the fee that we paid! I was shocked at the fee he told us when we were done. $$$ Our taxes were really straight forward. Not a lot of write-offs, etc. Maybe we should have researched that before going into the appointment. Pretty expensive for an average household.

Teresa M. – Individual Income Tax - Oakland, CA: I first met Will Gamarra (CP) in 2012 when I hired him as a tax specialist for Tax Program at The Women's Building in San Francisco where I  have served as Executive Director since 1998. I was impressed with Mr. Gamarra's knowledge of tax law and with his fluid and patient manner with clients. By all measures, his tour of duty was successful, so much so that I retained him as my personal tax accountant for the last 2 years. In that position, he has won my trust and admiration, both for his proficiency and accessibility. I  give him the highest recommendation.

Miriam S. – Individual Income Tax - Alexandria, VAWill have being doing my taxes for years, I completely trust him. He always helps me with the right answer when I have a question about my taxes or any other financial matter.Looking forward to continue use his services .

Jonathan B. Individual Income Tax - San Francisco, CAMr. Gamarra has treated me with kindness, patience, and efficiency from the beginning, when he contacted me upon finding that the low-income service I had been using could not figure out how to file my taxes.  He offered last year to help me again at a low fixed fee, and I am very grateful indeed to him for this great service.

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