Past Due Income Tax Return Preparation | Prior Year Income Tax Return Preparation

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At GAMARRA, CPA we file past due income tax returns and delinquent income tax returns.  If you have not filed for years, if a prior year, then call us to help you file. If you are attempting to set up an installment agreement, you will need to be in compliance with filing your taxes. Below are a list of frequently asked questions by our clients:

Question: Why should you file your prior year returns and get back on track?

Filing your back taxes will help you avoid interest and penalties. The sooner you file your return, the less you will pay in overall penalties and interest.  In cases where you cannot afford to pay the full amount, we can help you set up a monthly payment plan.

Question: What if I am due a refund for a tax return I did not file 3 or more years back?

You may be due a refund �C you never know until you prepare your taxes. If you are due a refund, you must claim it within 3 years of the return due date.

Question: What if I am self-employed and have not filed?

Filing your self-employed tax return ensures that your earnings for social security are reported and appropriately allocated to provide you with future benefits. If you do not file your taxes, then you will not receive credit toward social security retirement or disability benefits.

Question: I am refinancing or obtaining a loan and have not filed my tax returns? How long does the process take?

If a loan officer is requesting transcripts from the IRS, the tax returns need to be filed with the IRS. With electronic filing, the tax returns can be filed upon completion of the tax return.  The process to prepare a return generally takes less than two weeks. If we can prepare the tax return before two weeks, we will notify you. 

Question: I lost all my source tax information and need to file for a prior year - what should I do? 

If you lost all your tax source data, then we can request a wage and income tax transcript. The income tax transcript will report all third party transactions including employment wages, mortgage interest, dividends, stocks sales, and other third party information.